Fooling my Brain

A friend of mine has recently gone through a pain management programme. She passed on lots of great advice, and one of the things she told me was that your brain can be tricked. Very simply put, you try and focus on all of your senses when doing something simple, instead of only focussing on the pain. In this way you can distract yourself for a little while. 

I try this sometimes when I am out walking and I am beginning to hurt. Sometimes it works and the pain subsides and I can keep walking for quite a lot longer. Sometimes it doesn’t work. either way it makes my walks a lot more pleasant. 

Here are some of the things I have noticed: 

When you stand quietly in the middle of a wood at this time of year, it sounds like it’s raining even when it isn’t. The leaves falling off the trees make a gentle sound when they hit other branches on the way down. 

Squirrels are really noisy, and they sound like birds. 

There are some beautiful places very near to my house. Today there were moments when I felt like I was inside my childhood imagination when I was reading Narnia, or Tom’s Midnight Garden. 

Although my favourite season is summer, the colours in autumn take my breath away. 

Sometimes it feels wonderful to be rained on. 

Walking past the metal fence of the golf club in the sunshine feels like walking past a strobe light. 

Walking past the biscuit factory makes my nose smile. 


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