A Depressing Premise

I have finished the pain management course. 8 days over 4 weeks of information, breaking patterns of behaviour, getting moving again, problem solving and personal goals. 

At the end of week 2, I felt the course was quietly brilliant, rather than mind-blowing. I was fascinated by how our physiology, thought, emotion and behaviour was connected. I was encouraged by a return to physical exercise that was more demanding of me than walking a long way. I felt like I was on a month-long journey of hope. 

Then it stumbled. It was too limited and didn’t push enough boundaries. Many of the problems being addressed were to do with poor communication with those people around you, which although interesting is not the issue I have. I felt disheartened. At the end of the course the psychologist asked me if I was OK. 

OK is definitely not the word this time. I felt hopeful and deflated, I felt tedium, I felt limited, I felt furious, frustrated and a bit lost. I thought I would blog the whole experience, but it turns out I didn’t want to. The premise of the whole course is a depressing one: There is nothing more, medically speaking, that we can do for you. This pain is here to stay. Let’s help you manage that. 

It is important not to leave people languishing when we are in pain and I have learned both useful and interesting thing on the course. Some of the things have already helped, but I don’t feel it gave me as many tools for coping as I had hoped. Now what? 


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