The Unexpected Moments

The exercises that I’m doing since I’ve been on the pain management programme are working wonders. I am more flexible, more agile and stronger. I have tried hula hooping (that was hilarious, and very bad), I have competed in ‘standing on one leg’ competitions with 5 year olds, and I can even do the plank now for 25 seconds, which feels like a minor miracle. Slowly but surely I feel like I can do more, achieve more, and relax a bit. Mostly this feels wonderful. 

The trouble is, that sometimes it means the crappy moments take you by surprise. I was at a little music group with my 2yo on Friday, and we had to do a song that was all about doing actions with a partner. One part of the song required us to lift our children and swing them round by their hands. Every other mum, grandmum and child minder there did it effortlessly. I couldn’t do it. My 2yo watched all the other grown ups swing their kids and watched the kids squealing with glee. Obviously she demanded I do the same. 

When I couldn’t, she lay down on the floor and sobbed. 

I wanted to join her. 


2 responses to “The Unexpected Moments

  1. Cut me off early. That is amazing news. I am going to focus on the positive and not join you and S on the floor. Take heart at the progress you are making. I don’t think I can plank for 25 seconds (Realised typo in previous one). X

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