Sweat the Small Stuff

I have noticed that I can often deal with quite big things.  I can hold it together for an astonishing amount of time when I have to, only to be undone by something tiny. Here is a list of some of the things that have had me sobbing and reaching for the tissues: 

Dropping my hot water bottle and spilling boiling water all over the floor. Not on me, not on my kids. Just on the floor. (It’s also a very ugly floor, so genuinely does not matter at all). 

Running out of bread for toast, (or rather, discovering the bread that I planned to toast for breakfast was mouldy).

Dropping my phone charger and having to get down on my knees to pick it up again. 

My daughter and I spilling a full glass of milk in a bizarre double act of clumsiness that would have looked very funny to an onlooker. 

My doctor telling me she thinks I am brave. 

Forgetting something upstairs. 

My mum giving me a hug.