The Bitch Inside

So it turns out that co-codamol turns me into a bit of a bitch. 

I have realised that I am feeling consistently more hassled and more annoyed than I used to. I have less patience. I snap at my kids (and others). This adds up to there being many moments throughout the day where I don’t like myself very much. 

There is a lot that is tremendously difficult about being in pain all the time, but adding not liking your own personality into the mix makes the mental side a bit too much to deal with. Thankfully one of the people I like most on twitter made the observation that co-codamol makes her feel bitchy and horrible, and I realised I am at my worst when I have been taking it. 

It is one of two drugs I have been prescribed. 

It doesn’t help with the pain. In fact, I can’t even tell I’ve taken it. 

I have decided to stop taking it.