Hula Hooping

My recently turned 4yo has acquired a hoola hoop. It is sparkly and pink and makes a rattling sound as it spins round and she adores it. She has used it as a skipping rope, as pirate’s treasure, an island and all sorts of other things besides. She has not hoola hooped with it yet. 

I would so love to be able to show her. I used to be very good at hoola hooping. Trying to explain how a hoola hoop works without showing someone is a bit crap (I think this is what’s known as the classic British understatement). So I came up with a plan. 

I showed her how it works on my arm instead of round my waist. 

She was thrilled. She now demands that I hoola hoop on my arm and wishes me to carry on doing this for far longer than my arm muscles can manage. 

It feels rather nice to have impressed her with a physical movement – albeit not one that I had intended.