Transferable Rules

So it seems that every woman, publication and blogger has tackled the the ten pound  note, the feminist and the twitter abuse story.  An excellent summary is here:

I’m not going to weigh in (this time) about how we should report abuse, or what twitter’s responsibility is and how the technology of it all should work. What I’m interested in this time is the transferability of rules. 

It’s something that I keep coming back to when there is a big outcry about something, and I wonder; how often do we question how the rule we are calling for translate to a different setting? 

For example, could a twitter ‘report abuse button’ be used to silence genuine and not abusive voices and how do we make sure that doesn’t happen? 

Similarly, the Government has recently been calling for a porn-filter on the internet. Does this mean we need a violence filter too? If it is being said that watching pornography (or only violent pornography?) changes behaviour are we back to saying that video games can cause young people to become violent? 

Testing the action we are calling for on a different scenario can make things seem an awful lot less clear cut that it might have seemed, and suddenly the knee-jerk reaction doesn’t seem quite so obvious after all. 


The Bitch Inside

So it turns out that co-codamol turns me into a bit of a bitch. 

I have realised that I am feeling consistently more hassled and more annoyed than I used to. I have less patience. I snap at my kids (and others). This adds up to there being many moments throughout the day where I don’t like myself very much. 

There is a lot that is tremendously difficult about being in pain all the time, but adding not liking your own personality into the mix makes the mental side a bit too much to deal with. Thankfully one of the people I like most on twitter made the observation that co-codamol makes her feel bitchy and horrible, and I realised I am at my worst when I have been taking it. 

It is one of two drugs I have been prescribed. 

It doesn’t help with the pain. In fact, I can’t even tell I’ve taken it. 

I have decided to stop taking it.